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I can’t say that I hold out much hope for this “blog”, if that’s what this is called. Anyone who knows me, (which I trust is anyone reading this - the idea of strangers reading this is frankly disturbing) will know that I am loathed to use the Internet, so keeping a “blog” on here strikes me as…

Ah, I’m glad you joined our little Tumblr community, Mycroft. I really do hope you like it here.


I appear to have gained “followers”, is that a good thing? Also, shouldn’t there be an “e” in “Tumblr”? The creator of this website clearly can’t spell.


Followers are generally a good thing, yes. Unless they’re the creepy sort that actually follow you in real life.

Technically, yes, there should be one, but I believe it was missed out as some sort of statement/marketing thing.


That leaves me unconvinced that these “followers” are a good thing. Isn’t this like having someone reading over your shoulder while you work? I find that irritating.

Missing letters out of words isn’t a statement, it just shows a lack of understanding of the English language.


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  • 19 November 2011
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